Make More Money by Taking up Money Making Opportunities or Cut Cost?

There are basically two ways we can make more money. We can either increase our income by pursuing money making opportunities or cut cost to save more money. I learned and understand this basic concept when I was back in high school. Most of the time people around me suggested and practice cutting cost for money, especially my parents. The first time that I met people who have the same thoughts of pursuing money making opportunities is right after I started to work. That’s when I started to gain confidence and decided that pursuing for money making opportunities online is the path for me. Frugality is a must but that’s not the way to make money. It sounds more like squeezing money out from pocket. Check out the blog post title “Forget Frugality: Focus on Earning More” form Yahoo Finance as it explains why we should be pursuing money making opportunities.

The blog post provides two examples in which one explains the myth of frugality and the other discuss about the potential of pursuing money making opportunities. We can see clearly that pursuing money making opportunities is still better than frugality. The second part of this blog post is much more interesting as it explains how we can make more money.

The simplest way to earn money on the side is to turn your existing skills into side income.

You don’t know if your offer of services will work until you test it.

Yup, it’s that simple. I suppose pursuing for money making opportunities is not that hard. The thing that makes it hard is the amount of money you’re trying to make. Obviously pursuing money making opportunities which brings in $1000 dollars a month is more difficult that $100 dollars a month. So why not just go for money making opportunities which bring in $100 dollars per month first? An extra income of $100 per month is good enough to make things better around. Not to mention the side income has the potential to grow big once you work on it for some time. Start small but aim big. As long as you’re progressing, you’ll reach your goal eventually.



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