Make Money While You still can as Publisher on Mobile Ads

Base on the blog post title “Do Consumers Click on Mobile Ads?” from CNBC Technology, the click through rate on mobile ads is still high compare to desktop and laptop ads. It seems that mobile users are more likely to click on mobile ads. There is nothing new about this information. Many companies including Google, Facebook and Apple knew that mobile is going to be the next big thing after laptop. When mobile ads was introduced, the click though rate has been reported high and the results shown a promising market potential. I suppose this is why many companies are racing and competing each other trying to dominate this field. Especially for Facebook, the mobile ads seem to be their only way of survival or success after going public.

As for publishers and mobile apps developers, this is no doubt the golden period and opportunity to make money in mobile field. There are still a lot of changes and development within mobile field, thus many things are still uncertain. New ideas and design related to mobile are still continue to appear, and this includes software development of mobile. The rules of the games are still changing as things around mobile have yet to take a steady shape. Advertising companies are still trying to figure out the best way to make money from Mobile ads. And lots of money and capital are being allocated in mobile field. This is why now still the best time to make money from mobile field is. It is just like the time when Google Adsense initially introduced to the world. It is much easier to make money from Google Adsense few years ago than today. I’m sure those of you who have been Google Adsense publishers for many years will agree with me on this.



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