Make money providing online services to help offline businesses grow

According to the blog post title “America’s businesses are using the web to grow” from Google and Your Business, businesses that are online are expected to grow 40% faster and hire twice as many workers as businesses that aren’t. Although this is based on the data from Economic Impact Report stated in the blog post in all 50 US states, the same concept can be apply though out the world. That means we can all make use of Google tools to grow and improve businesses. It is just a matter of how you make full use of it. Especially when most of the tools are free, it is definitely a great way to bring more customers to your door step.

Given the fact that going online will help improve businesses, many business owners around the world are yet taking any action to go online. Just take a walk around the streets and you find that most small business owners still have not get their business or even brand online. Regardless of whatever the reasons of not getting business online, failing to do so causes a great deal of lost in businesses.

If you are hoping to make some money out by helping these small business owners to get their businesses online, take initiative by walking in directly and offer your services. I’m sure most small business owners are eager to get their businesses online. They just don’t know how to get started. Of cause you have to earn their trust before getting anything started. You may try to offer one free service by helping one small business go online as a method of publicity. Get it done nicely as an example for other small business owners to check out. People will start calling for similar service if they love what they see. It might take some time to actually see the results of online marketing, but eventually business owners will encounter customers that tell them “I found your business online.”

Remember that it is just a start to get small business owners go online. Your service will be required again and again once they discover an increase of sales and businesses. Over time you might have a chance to secure continuously service for several small business owners. Start from small scale and work your way around. Provide good services and you will be able to make some good money.



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