Make money by designing Facebook TimeLine, MySpace Theme, iPhone Theme, Twitter Theme and Google Plus Theme

Previously I post about designing WordPress theme and participating in affiliate programs that sell WordPress theme as a way to make money online. No doubt it is a simple way to make money online but certain conditions are required in order to be success. You need to build up reputation and generate lots of traffic. Of cause you need to create a blog or website too. Start branding yourself right from the beginning as you start designing. You may request customers to comment about your design and work. Post the comments and use it as a way to brand your service. Offer discounts for customers who repeat orders or return for additional work. Don’t forget to make use of the online social network like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter to promote and advertise your business. And if you can get help from your friends to spread the news, the effect will double or triple.

The work of branding and advertising for free is simple but it requires some time to actually see the result. You need to be patient and have the determination to continue the work for at least 6 months. This goes the same with other design services for Facebook TimeLine, MySpace Theme, iPhone Theme, Twitter Theme and Google Plus Theme.

  • First you need to be good at your design work. Provide your best service and deliver your work on time.
  • Second, promote and advertise your business or service as much as you can.
  • Third, try to introduce and sell other products related to your service.

If you can do that and maintain your work load and schedule for at least 6 months, I’m sure you’ll get result. While you are performing your routine work, you’ll discover new things and techniques which can help grow your business.



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