Maintain a healthy Body to Pursuit for money making opportunities online

One thing I learn about pursuing for money making opportunities online or blogging is that it can be very tiring. Especially when you are blogging and writing 7 days 24 hours nonstop trying to produce lots of quality content to reach Google first page ranking, it can be very exhausting. If you are planning to become a full time blogger and trying to pursuit for money making opportunities online for long time, you need to adjust your blogging lifestyle. You have to realize that you cannot keep on blogging and writing all day long. You cannot maintain your productivity and content quality if you don’t practice a healthy lifestyle.

First you need to treat blogging like a normal full time job which requires you to work at 40 hours a week. It will be better to just schedule your blogging time from 9am to 5 pm. This can prevent from over blogging and having time for other activities. Yes, that means you need to allocate time for rest, have fun, go out, exercise and having good proper meals. Sometimes when we are focusing on blogging and creating content, we tend to forget time and everything else. This is actually very dangerous if this practice continues for a long time. There are three very important things which we need to do properly everyday regardless of how focus or how busy we are. We need to eat, sleep and shit under proper routine and schedule in order to live a healthy life. Also remember that we need to do this basic stuff so that we can perform better while blogging.

If it is too troublesome to plan and schedule your blogging time, just practice and simulate a normal 9 to 5 full time job. You just have to treat blogging like a normal work and you will do just fine. Remember to take Saturday and Sunday off just like everybody else. A two day break without blogging is required so that you can keep on blogging for long term. You will feel fresh when you come back blogging on Monday.

P/E: Being a full time blogger does not have to sit in front of the monitor surfing and typing everyday whole day long. It is just part of your life only. You have other important things which you need to take care too. A balance between everything you do in life is very important to help maintain as a full time blogger.



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