Lots of Teenage Entrepreneurs at Silicon Valley

I just read about an article title Teenage Entrepreneurs at Yahoo. It seems like Silicon Valley is a place to breed and raise teenage Entrepreneurs. Well, I suppose under such environment all you need is a good idea to kick of an online company. If you are given a small amount of money as capital, support from family and school, tech resources as well as talented professional resources, you actually have a very high chance of becoming an entrepreneurs at a very young age. Success or failure at such a young age is not important. If you’re given a chance to take a shot of creating your own website company and becoming an entrepreneur at such a young age, the experience that you gain can help you achieve higher success after 10 or 20 years. Some of us only start to think about having our own business or company at the age of 30. Those thoughts only arise when we start working. I suppose we just can’t complain where and when we born. Besides, nothing is absolute.

Well, that doesn’t mean the rest of us who aren’t staying in Silicon Valley does not have a chance. It’s just that those who are staying at Silicon Valley have a higher chance of success only. There are basically 3 conditions that require if one need to success, those conditions consist of the right time, the right place and the right people. Take for example if you’re staying at Silicon Valley, you will have the advantage of getting the right people to work with you and the right location where the online technical infrastructure is well equip. As for the right time to start your own online company or become an entrepreneur, you might not be sure when but if is you’re able to do it young, you’ll get lots of chances. As for those that are not staying at Silicon Valley, we can study those successful entrepreneurs and try to create and find the 3 conditions. It doesn’t matter who you are and where you are as long as you can manage to get those 3 conditions, you’ll get your chance of becoming an entrepreneur too. Once you get your chance, it’s up to you to make it a reality and maintain it.

Although there are so much that we need to do, we still have to rely a bit on luck. No doubt after we did all we can to set up everything for success, still there are things that we cannot control. That’s where luck comes in. Before we leave it for luck to decide our success and failure, we need to make sure that we did everything we can.

P/S: This post is for encouragement and motivation. It’s always good to read about the success of others no matter who they are. If they can, why can’t we? As for this case, they are just teenager. So for those that are older, we should work harder to grab our money making opportunities.



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