Look up into Internet for information and help

When you walk into a company, shop, facility or government department looking for help, filling up application or paying bills, do they always provide necessary assistance to solve your problem? Or do you often slam by statement such as “Please check out our website for details and guidelines.” “Please pay your bills online through our website.” “Please call our hotline for complains or adjustments.” “Please apply online thought our official website.” “I’m sorry but our internet is down, please come back later.”

Instead of making use of advance technology to help users or customers solve problems, it seems they are asking users or customers not to rely on their services but instead try to solve their problems personally through website or hotlines. Ironically some companies or government department tend to make use of advance technology to disconnect users or customers when help are needed.

Customers’ hotlines or helplines are usually free of charge. 1800 or toll free numbers are provided by companies so that users or customers can ring up whenever help or assistance is required. But there are airline companies that actually charge a high amount of calling time when customers call their helpline. In other words these airlines sell tickets but not customer service. Pay up if you need help. And if you are thinking of seeking help directly face to face by going to their counter or office, they will just ask you to call the helpline. Customer service is not included, but if you really need help, you’ll have to pay. As people have to go through the trouble by using phone for help, most people just back out.

Another common phenomenal which you might encounter is when visiting government department. Computers and internet line tend to down regularly regardless of what the reasons behind. In this situation all applications, transactions and bill payment will be halt. It seems like nothing can be done until computers are fix and internet is back online. In other words, everything stop and you’ll just have to come back later when things back online. I’m just curious why we cannot make use of simple paper process temporarily just like the old times when computer and internet is not invented. The process is slow and troublesome but at least things are getting done. Are we relying too much on technology until we need to cease everything when technology is not functioning?

In some companies, there are only a few customer services on the counter which do not offer customer service. They job to be precise is to redirect customers. They redirect or point customers to the right webpage to do their own billing, complain, guide, troubleshooting and comment online. So when we ask how’s the customer service like. Probably the answer is “I don’t know. It’s all online through the website.” So how does the company know how happy their customers are? Well, there are online rating and smiley icon available to click. Company can get an exact number of how many customers are smiling without actually looking at their faces. It’s funny, cold and sad. But does it really important? Well, I leave this for you to decide…



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