Location is not an obstacle any more in business

If you are running a regular offline business, location is not obstacle or problem anymore. Especially if you are low in budget to find a good location, you cannot afford to get a shop within high population city area. If you are in such position, it is time to make full use of free online strategy to get customers to your shop.

Good news is that you can probably get a bigger space with lower price for your business if you choose to stay away from the population. Parking will not be an issue for customers as traffic is less. If the product or service that you are selling is good, customers will come. Couple of problems which you need to solve is how to introduce your business to as many people as possible and how to get your product or service to customers’ hand.

The first problem is easy to solve if you are able to make full use of the internet. You can place your business address on Google Map by creating an account on Google My Business. Customers who track down your business are able to review your business using their smartphone. You can also create a Facebook page to promote your business to all your friends on social media. It also serves as a platform for customers to contact or message you. You can take pictures and make video clips related to your business and post it on Google My Business, Facebook and YouTube. These are some of the ways that you can promote your business online which can be done easily alone.

The second problem is a bit challenging if you are trying to send your product or service to customers instead of having customers coming to you. Delivery service is your solution but there will be extra charges and work. Sending your stuff to customers to provide service can be done too. Either way you have to make sure that the process and charges are done properly. It might be a bit difficult but can be done.

It takes time for your business to grow at the beginning. Be patient and make sure that the product sold or service provided is in good quality. Customers will return if they are satisfied with the product or service provided.



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