Listen to your audience when you blog

One of the methods to increase traffic is listen to your audience when you blog. The concept is basically the same as listening to people when they are talking. People appreciate when you listen. If you are not listening, people will feel annoyed and might even think that you are being rude. This is the same when it comes to blogging. Especially when people are leaving comments on your blog, be sure to reply accordingly. When people feel that you are listening and trying to communicating with them, you will probably gain a lot of traffic and repeating audiences.

When you listen to your audience, you will get a lot of questions and feedback. You will find out what they hope to learn from you. This is good because it helps to gather ideas and content which you might never think of. In other words, audiences can help generate content but you have to do the work of researching and writing. This way you don’t have to worry if your audiences might not be interested in your blog. Your audiences will defiantly return and check out the answers or opinion you have regarding the questions they provided.

Blogging can be either one way or two way communication. You just have to decide how many ways is best to generate more traffic.



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