List your problems, solve it, blog about it and perhaps make money with it

Life is full of problems. We make a better life by solving problems. As long as we are alive, we will be facing lots of problems every single day. In other words, people are facing problems everyday regardless if it is a small issue or difficult task. If we are able to help others solve problems, we make money. The bigger the problem, the bigger the amount of money we earned. So how do we define a problem as a big problem? Actually this depends on the ability of a person to solve problems. If a problem can be solve by anybody, it is define as a small problem. If there is only one or two people who can solve the problem, it is defined as a big problem. Thus the nature of the problem changes from time to time depending on how easily it can be solve. A big problem can become a small problem after one year. This goes the same with money making opportunities. Initially the money making opportunities are great when we are able to solve the big problems. Over time the problems might become small due to lots of changes and money making opportunities reduce accordingly. This is a simple natural trend that we can learn from history. That is why we often seen a blooming of certain type of business and disappearance of outdate businesses from time to time. When problems disappear, there is no need of solution, money making opportunities fade and companies stop functioning.

In order to pursuit for money making opportunities continuously, we have to solve problems continuously. The bigger the problem we face, the bigger the opportunity we encounter. Just keep on moving forward. Face your problems, deal with it and solve it. One good way to help you face all the problems and overcome the fear of not able to solve it is by blogging. Start a blog and list all the problems that you are facing currently. Blog about the problems and discuss with readers on various solutions. In fact you might consider creating one single blog for each problem. This way you can focus and concentrate on each problem by moving from one blog to another. This works great too for Google search engine to index and categories the blogs for one specific problem or topic. If you are able to create a blog for each of the problem encountered, you will get a long list of blogs. You may consider using the free blogging platform such as Blogger if you are not planning to spend money on hosting your own blog. But if you are seriously trying to pursuit for money making opportunities online, it is best to get your own hosting blog. Judging by the suggestion above, it will be best to get a blog hosting plan with unlimited domains, disk space and bandwidth.

This is the first step of the journey to pursuit for money making opportunities. You list your problems, solve it, help others identify similar problems, provide solutions and finally make money. If you think about it seriously, there are tons of problems that you can blog about. You just have to choose those topics that you are interested the most. Don’t worry about competitors or similar blogs discussing the same problems. Your blog will still be unique because of your experience and opinion. As long as you are able to help others dealing with similar problems, you will be generating money making opportunities.

The above applies not just for those who are planning to pursuit for money making opportunities online or trying to start their own businesses. It also applies to those who are working as an employee. If you are able to help company solve bigger problems, you will definitely be given a bigger or higher position and paid.



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