Learning to solve problems is the key to pursuit for money making opportunities

It is normal to encounter problems. Life is all about solving problems. Opportunities lie within problems. The bigger the problem we face, the bigger the opportunity we gain. I discuss about this a lot in my previous blog posts. Although we are require to stay positive when encounter problems, but sometimes we cannot avoid thinking about the possibility of solving the problems successfully.

One of the biggest concerned that most of us have is the ability to solve problems. Things usually turn out good if we are able to solve most of the problems. But if we are constantly facing difficulties of solving problems and do not have much luck of solving any problems, we might starting to doubt our ability. Especially when problems are keep on stacking up high, pressure and tension will keep on rising too. Thus our ability to learn how to solve problems becomes one of the most important roles in pursuing for money making opportunities.

Basically there are two ways you can solve problems. You can either solve it yourself or hire other people to solve it. It will be best if you are able to solve it yourself but you really cannot do everything. At one point you have to learn how to delegate problems for others to solve. Learning how to solve problems is actually about adapting the right attitude. The most difficult way is try to gather knowledge or information from books or internet and try to develop your own solution. This method takes a lot of time and effort. Although you might not be able to come out with the best solution, you will learn a lot. This method trains your learning ability and creativity. When you are familiar with problem solving, you don’t have to depend on others when dealing with emergency cases which require urgent solution. You can also get a mentor and try to learn from him/her. Everybody have their own way of solving problems. You just have to pick the one that you like best and try to learn from them. Sometimes you don’t have to develop your own solution. Learning, borrowing and applying ideas or solutions developed by others works the same. Remember that your goal is try to solve problems. Making use of others’ solutions that are already proven saves a lot of time and effort.



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