Learning and sharing is the way I blog

Blogging is interesting because I get to learn a lot of new things every day and share it out online. I get to share my opinion while I’m blogging about the things that I have learned. This concept is actually different from what I have learned from school. Back in those schooling time we don’t really share the things that we have learn, we keep our heads down and keep on learning and studying as much as we can. It can be boring if we keep on repeating the same technical stuff in order to memorize it.

When it comes to blogging we are sharing the info right after we learned. This way it creates a section of communication between audiences. I suppose this is the part which is interesting because we get to bounce around the info between multiple people. And if we are lucky, new information or ideas are born when questions and answers are being throw out. This is good because it becomes the content which we can write or blog about.

When people are not reading your blog, it is presume that your blog is dead. Google search engine don’t favor this type of blog and you won’t get much traffic out from it. Thus it is best to treat your blog as a platform to have conversation. When people start talking, your blog might start to make money online if that is what you are hoping.



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