Keeping account secure is the responsibility of both users and providers

Google AdSense just post about keeping your account secure. The additional tips that Google AdSense provide are:

  • Create a strong password and security question.
  • Do not share account password with anyone.
  • Do not response to messages asking for your username or password.
  • Be cautious of fake sign in pages.

The above 4 tips really are just simple tips of protecting your account. Speaking about account security, there was a time that Google surprise me with the login method. For those of your that are currently using Google AdSense, Google AdWords, Gmail, Feedburner and Blogger, the sign in username and passwords are tied to one. Previously there was a time when you sign in Google AdSense, you’re able to access Google AdWords, Gmail, Feedburner and Blogger by just open up a new page and you’ll be automatically sign in. I’m guessing the username and passwords were stored in our web browsers. No doubt it was very convenient for user to switch into different Google products easily but that also creates a door way for others to hack into our account. This method of signing in did not last long as Google seems to realize the problem and reverse the login method back to the old one. Now we have to sign in separately whenever we try to login to Google products. I just feel that the latest login method is much better secured. Base on the above experience, I think Google have to do a better job in making the sign in method secure, especially when users have a tied to one username and passwords.
So what can we do to make sure that our username and passwords are secure? Other than the simple tips given above, here’s what we can do.

  • Do not set your browser to remember passwords. Set your browser to clear all history, cookies, cache and offline website data.
  • Avoid visits harmful sites, especially porn sites.
  • Try using different usernames and passwords for different accounts. You can have same username and password for those accounts that you think is not important.
  • Make sure that you have antivirus and adware protection installed. Activate the auto protection with incoming watch and update the virus pattern always.

That’s basically what you should do to keep your account secure. It’s better to take extra steps for protection than to repair the damages later. The extra steps might just save you lots of money and time. If I miss out something, please share. I think all of us need the extra info and help on account security.



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