Keep Updating Information About Online Security to Protect Your Money

There are lots of online scams and online robberies nowadays as a lot of people are starting to get use to online banking. If you take a look at the article “Could Online Hacker Steal Your Cash?” you’ll find that the numbers of online robberies increases each day. So the question is do we have to worry about it? The answer is absolutely yes.

The most common online robberies are credit card number thief. Some of my friends got their credit card used in different countries and mostly at gas station. All of them happen to use their credit card number on common computers in the office which hackers able to get the numbers via virus. That gives them an expensive lesson not to use an unsecure computer with their credit card numbers. Besides that I always receive lots of scam emails trying to get personal information, bank account number and phone number. These scam emails claims that they are from Hotmail, USP or some unknown foreign bank. One of the example scam emails mentioning that you need to reset your email account due to some technical problem. In order to do that you are requested to login your user name and password through the given link. If you take a good look at the link, it’s actually pointing to an unknown website instead of the genuine email website. Once these hackers have your email account, they will use your email and your name to send out emails to all your friends and relatives requesting for money. That’s one of the simple and common tricks but still many people fall for it.

So what can we do to protect our money online? Well, honestly I think there is no absolute way. There will always be new virus and new scum method created every day. We just have to be alert and keep on updating the security that we know. At least we have to install antivirus program, antispyware and never uses other computers unless we are sure that it is secure.

P/S: I wrote about keeping account secure is the responsibility of both users and providers, but still I have to say it again and again because this is important. Whenever there is news about online security that we should take note, I’ll post it. If we’re into making money online, than we have to learn all the online security and protection.



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  1. Wow! absolutely true… one of my websites emails has been receiving emails from the account’s “technical support”… ummm… that’s supposed to be ME…. about a problem in the account… LOL! besides, spam emails are becoming more and more difficult to sort…