Keep things simple if you are targeting mobile users

I often heard people saying “just get it done. I do not need to know so much about it.” In most cases people want solution and answer fast without having to know so much detail and explanation. That goes the same when dealing with mobile users. They usually want it simple, fast and easy. They are interested in things which can help them save money, time and effort. If you are able to create or design an app which can help smartphone users to save money, time or effort, you’ll make money. It does not have to be perfect. They will use it if you are able to save as little as a dime, one minute or a process. Your app may sound ridiculous or useless at the beginning, but that it the first step towards making money creating mobile apps. Just imagine if you are able to extend the amount of money, time and effort save slowly within 5 years. Starting from just a dime you are able to help save a dollar after a year of improvement. After 2 years you are able to help smartphone users save 10 minutes of their time. And within 5 years the app you design is able to compile multiple process into one. Will the app you design make money? I’m sure people will be very interested and willing to pay for it. It really doesn’t matter if the mobile app created at the beginning does not generate the impact or result expected. It is about how much you are able to improve the mobile app matters. In most cases, many mobile apps receive negative comment and bad review due to poor design and services. Only those who are able to gather these bad reviews and negative comments by turning them into advice and suggestion to improve their mobile apps will survive and make money at the end.



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