Keep Accidental Clicks Away From Google Adsense

There are basically two rules that I remember which is very important when it comes to Google Adsense. First is never click own ads and second is to avoid accidentally clicks. Although these 2 rules are simple and easy to understand but there are still lots of special cases which we might not be aware of that cause us to ban from Google Adsense. It will be best that Google Adsense keeps on providing information and examples to keep publishers from being terminated account. The latest article from Google Inside Adsense Blog title “Avoiding accidental clicks pt. 1: Keeping the right distance” provides one good example that benefits publishers.

The accidental click example provided in this article is flash player where the game is played is place too close to the ads. Players tend to click on the ads accidentally while playing games. In this case it is recommended to place a minimum distance of 150 pixels between the flash player and ads.

I think it is good that Google Adsense provide such example in details so that we can understand and take necessary steps to avoid it. As Google Adsense has worked with publishers on lots of issues, it will be best to list out all examples one by one. A detail case study from each of the issue that might cause termination account will be a great help. Besides Google Adsense can also gather feedbacks and comments from publishers to understand better the difficulties they might have.

P/S: I think the most common mistakes publishers made are taking the risk to try new method to increase Google Adsense earnings.



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One Response to “Keep Accidental Clicks Away From Google Adsense”

  1. Dave says:

    I agree, everybody need to be careful. In the last couple of months many people were banned by AdSense and to get a new account is nearly impossible.