Just Have to Keep on Trying in Order to Make Money Online

Things changes fast online. Blog, website, speed, design, graphic and even businesses come and go in just a split second. Facebook just went public recently and seems like it is not doing so good. IPO starts with $38 per share but drops until $27 as for today. MySpace and Friendster is couple of social media website just like Facebook. These social media website was very popular back then but starting to fade as we speak. Will Facebook manage to generate enough revenue and stay on as the first social media site that makes a lot of money or join the group of used to be popular social network site? We just have to wait and see. Although Facebook is facing a lot of pressure and difficulties, they are still doing everything they can to survive and grow. Facebook is currently taking lots of actions and making lots of changes. I think you’ll spot the changes as you login Facebook every day. I suppose Facebook is not going to just sit around and not putting up a fight.

If you are trying to make money online and you are facing similar situation just like Facebook, you need to do the same and put up a good fight. That means if you invested into your online business but are not seeing any sales or increment in revenue, you need to take actions and make changes just like Facebook. The internet is full with information and knowledge. You just have to keep on learning and trying. Never afraid to take your chances and make mistakes. But remember to learn from your action and never repeat the same mistakes. In order to be success and make money online, you need to have faith, consistency and of cause work hard.



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