Jobs Which Enable You to Choose Beach as Your Office

We always listen and see some people claim that they are able to work at the beach while having a cold drink and enjoying the sun. Thanks to the advance technology and increasing internet speed, lots of work or jobs are able to carry out with just a laptop with internet access without having to stay in the office.  It doesn’t matter where you do your job, when you do your job or how you do your job, as long as you’re able to complete your work and do it properly, you’ll be allowed to stay at the beach. Check out the post “Jobs You Can Do From the Beach” from Yahoo Finance and discover some of the jobs which you can work out of office.

According to the post, some of the jobs you can do from the beach include:

  • Real Estate Agent
  • Entrepreneur
  • Trader
  • Corporate Event or Wedding Planner
  • Vacation Home Caretaker
  • Data Entry Clerk

My choice of job or business that I can do from the beach is Entrepreneur. That’s what I’m current working on. I suppose the best job should be able to let you put a side of your laptop for couple of days or weeks without having to check or monitor the work progress. Although some of the jobs listed above might not be that perfect but it’s better than having to work in the same old office every day. A change in your work location from office to beach might help to relax and makes you enjoy your job. Plus, you’ll be able to meet different group of people and increase your exposure and connection by constantly changing your work location, specifically the beach which you make it your work place. Especially for jobs like trader and real estate agent, you’ll be able to attract potential customers while you’re working on the beach. Besides you can choose beaches which rich people or potential customers often hang out as your work location. If you think about it carefully, working at beach might just be a necessary for certain jobs.



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2 Responses to “Jobs Which Enable You to Choose Beach as Your Office”

  1. Jonathan says:

    I am entrepreneur for many years and I don’t have any problems to be anywhere with my laptop and internet connection to do my work.

  2. Ken says:

    I think there are many jobs that can be done from the beach, especially that we live in the technology era. Of course from time to time it is good to deal face to face in the restaurant.