Job interviews guide for Introvert?

I think this infographic is suitable not just for introvert but also for those who are going for a job interview. Is it better to be prepared before a job interview? Yes, definitely. Regardless of how much effort you put in, you already show that you are being serious about getting the job. Remember that people are trying to judge your personality depending on the few minutes interview. So try to show the best of yourself.

If you are trying to hire some talents, this infographic helps too. Your task is to filter out those talents needed and hire them. Hired the wrong people might not be good for your business. I suppose you will have to learn how to read people in short period of time. This skill is very difficult to learn as it requires a lot of experience and practice. Thus before you hire that person, think of the worst case scenario. If it is not too bad, perhaps you can consider taking the chance.



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