It was not about making money for Teen Entrepreneurs in the first place

When you are young and below eighteen years old, do you think about how to make money? Like most of the teenagers, having fun is usually the first thing that comes in mind. When we read about stories of successful teen entrepreneurs, making money was not the main topic. It was about the passion and dreams of doing things they love. Check out the blog post title “Teen Entrepreneurs” from Yahoo finance. Again this is another article that list out some of the young successful entrepreneurs. You can see that all of them started their own business before the age of eighteen years old. Can you imagine yourself starting a business at that same age? I suppose there are lots of things to consider before making such a decision. Am I well prepared? Do I have enough fund or capital to start a business? Is this the right time to launch my business? When money is concern and we are treating this as a business, it is difficult to make a move and decision. There are just too many things to worry about. We worry about failure, losing money and any other bad prediction that we can think of.

But these teenagers do not think so much. They see something they like to do and just go for it. It is purely doing things they love. They are never prepared and they surely haven’t learned enough to even start a business. But as far as they concern, they just have to research and study all the necessary information in order to do the things they love. In other words, when they hit the walls or encounter any problems, they just find a way to go through and solve it. It’s that simple.



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