It might not be that easy to make money with Uber

When Uber was initially introduce to the world, I heard a lot of stories about how people are making good money driving their own car. Some of them even quit their job and go full time. As the news about how easy and simple it is to make money with Uber spreads, a lot of people begin to hop into this money making opportunity. So when competition increases, earnings will reduce eventually. At the end of the day, Uber is just a simple way to become a taxi driver.

If you think about it carefully, Uber is basically making use of technology to make the driving service much more effective and simpler. It is just about connecting customers who need transport and those who are able to provide the transport. Does this mean the old fashion way of taxi service will be gone forever? Well, not really. As long as you are providing a good service, you can still survive and continue on. And when it comes to providing good service, a full time well train experience taxi driver might knock out any Uber driver any time. Remember that most Uber drivers are part time and no well train to serve customers. They are basically a normal regular person who owns a car and a smartphone with access to Uber website. When we are talking about professional taxi driver, you can take a look at how it is done in Japan.

So if you are hoping to make money via Uber but are worrying about the potential of earnings, you probably might have to do more than just driving. You have to provide good service and build your reputation. In other words, you will have to apply similar working attitude just like the professional taxi driver. You might not be the early bird, but you still able to catch the worms if you work hard and doing it right.



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