It is not the Money but the Interest that leads to the success in pursuit of money making opportunities online

Pick any billionaire in the world and study their biography. You will discover that money is never their main goal in achieving success. They just basically pursuing their interest and doing the things they love. At the end of the day, they found themselves in the billionaire circle without even realizing it. I suppose even the billionaire title does not interest them. While they are pursuing their interest, they are able to focus 100% on their work without any interruption. It is much more appropriate to say that nothing can interfere when they are pursuing their interest. And this is the key to their success. If you are mainly into making money online, there are lots of ways to do it but it won’t make you a billionaire. Most of the ways involve providing services you don’t like or doing things you are not interested in. In most cases, you won’t be able to do it for long as you are not interested in the work. Certainly you won’t even spend more time and effort on improving the work or try to bring it up into a higher level. Eventually you will lose the ability to make money online as you are unable to compete with others.

So the question is how can you discover the interest within which has the potential to make money online? The first step is to look into your hobbies or daily activities that you like to do. It does not have to be something special or unique but it is something that you like to do, something that can get your full attention. And while you are working on it, you usually will not pay attention on time and skip meals. Once you have found your interest, do some research online and find out if there are lots of people that are interested in this topic. Remember that you won’t be the only one that is trying to make money online. There are lots of competitors trying to make money online with similar interest just like you. As long as you are able to work on your interest continuously for a long time and keep on improving yourself, you will succeed.

P/S: One of the most common interests that I’ve seen for those who try to make money online is video games. They actually did very well at the beginning. Unfortunately as they starting to grow up, they lost interest in playing video games. Thus the online income they build via video games topic starting to fall apart.



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