It is harder to write for readers instead of search engine

We are often advice to write for readers instead of search engine. But the truth is we need to write for both readers and search engine in order to gather the most traffic. When we write for search engine, we are basically making use of search engine features to introduce our blog or site to the world. When we write for people, we build up readers by providing values for people to stop by our blog or site again and again. We can actually stick from the beginning by writing for people. But this will take more time to accumulate lots of traffic. Although it is best to spread the news about how good our blog or site is by having people talking and introducing it, the process is slow and it takes time. Another reason that most people choose to write for search engine instead of readers is because it is a lot easier to write for search engine than people. Especially when English is not your first language or you’re not good in expressing yourself in writing, it is definitely much easier to just deal with keywords then sentences or composition. By the way, it is always difficult when you are dealing with people. Either it is online or offline, jobs or work that includes dealing with people are usually difficult to handle. So if you are trying to avoid dealing with people by staying at home becoming a full time freelancer, blogger, running an online business or pursuing for money making opportunities online and etc. It is not going to work. Eventually you will still have to deal with people if you are hoping to achieve success. The blog, social network, website, internet and all the stuff online is just a medium for us to communicate and deal with people. In fact it is a tool which allows us to deal with people around the world.

So if you are unable to deal with people around you, then you are certainly not going to be good in dealing with people online. In fact it is much more difficult because you are unable to look at them and see the facial expression. You can only make decision and assumption base on what is written. And sometimes the interpretation might not be what you expected.

P/S: Still think blogging is easy? Well, it depends on how far you intended to bring your blog to.



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