It is easy to start a blog but

No doubt it is easy to start a blog. You can register a free blog at blogger and start blogging within a few minutes. But if you are planning to pursuit for money making opportunities online via blogging, it will take some time before you actually see some money coming in. Before you actually get to the point of creating a blog that makes money, you have to get familiar with blogging. Thus it is good to have several blogs and do some testing and trying. Blogger is a good place to get started because you get to create a lot of blogs for free. Although you don’t have the full authorization to edit and create your own blog, it does have a lot of function which allows you to play around. This is good especially if you are just starting to make money online via blogging. Make use of the free platform to practice blogging and learn everything about blogging as much as possible. Once you are ready to make money online, you can purchase your own blog hosting service. You may even try to transfer your previous blog to your new paid hosting blog. Although it is a lot of trouble doing so, it is still can be done. Most bloggers choose to just start all over again. You can try to redirect the traffic to your new blog instead of transferring all the content. It might take months before you reach this stage. So try to learn as much as you can and enjoy the process. It takes a lot of learning and patient to make money online blogging. You should be able to find out if you are suitable to this or not after couple of months of blogging.



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