Is there such a thing call good advertising ads for users?

If you think about it carefully, is there such a thing call good advertising ads for users? In other words, can the online advertising be improved until the acceptable level? Honestly I think it is very difficult. This question or problem has been around since the invention of television and radio. These platforms too have been struggling with bad advertising and too much advertising. Until today these platforms are still working hard to maintain a balance so that advertising can be done without annoying viewers and listeners. Check out the blog post title “Building a better web for everyone” form Google Inside AdWords. Google too is trying to show better advertising ads without annoying users too much.

Obviously the best scenario is not to have any advertising elements at all. The feeling is the same as watching movie without any commercial interruption in between. Unfortunately it is impossible because Google are providing a lot of services for free. Surely Google will need to make money some ways and online advertising is one of the most successful ways to generate income. Unless you are willing to pay a minimum monthly fee for using Google search engine, I think the advertisement elements will still be appearing in every corner of the web.

As for the so call better online ads, there is no such thing as better ads. The existence of the ads is already annoying. The best you can do is tried to make the ads entertaining and fun.



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