Is it the same if you are earning one dollar compare to a million?

Well, I will say it is the same. If you are able to make a dollar, I’m sure there is a chance that you can make a million. But if you are unable to make a dollar, chances of making a million is slim. I suppose the basic concept is the same either you are making one dollar or a million dollars. The difference perhaps is dealing or managing the huge sum of money. Having a lot of money might be troublesome as you need to find a way to keep the money safe and trying to grow the value if possible. Keeping money in the bank nowadays might not be the safest way. I suppose this is why we have a job so call financial planner. Which it can be a surprise as some of them seems to be able to manage others people money better instead of their own.

Why do I think it is the same as earning one dollar compare to a million dollars? One simple explanation is that if you are able to find a way to make a dollar, all you need to do is duplicate the method a million times and you’ll be able to earn a million dollars. It might sound logical, but I think it can be difficult to do it. Well, I’m just saying it is possible to do it. The level of difficulty can be a huge gap between making a dollar compare to a million.



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