Is it really safe to use Google Cloud Search?

It is true that Google search engine has make our life easier in variety of areas. Especially for kids that are born after the invention of search engine, they are basically depending on search engine to get the information needed and to help solve their daily problems. What will happen if they are unable to access internet for a long period of time? Will they able to survive? Check out the blog post title “Introducing Google Cloud Search: Bringing the power of Google Search to G Suite customers”

As Google began to introduce more power full search engine, have you ever wonder how these search engine becomes intelligent or powerful. A powerful search engine basically means it is able to provide the information that you are trying to search accurately and fast. In order to do that the search engine needs input of related information so that it can analyze and provide the best possible answer. In other words, search engine needs to get to know you in order to understand what you really want. Thus any information related to you is crucial for search engine to provide the most accurate answer when you are using search engine. The best place to gather information about you is from your smartphone. Have you ever wonder why YouTube always shows you related video clips that you often watch? If you often watch cooking related video clips on YouTube, most video clips suggested in YouTube will be all related to food or cooking. That goes the same when you are using search engine via smartphone. If you are not convincing, try comparing it by doing the same keyword search on Google Chrome using your own smartphone and your friends. You will find that the search results are different.

The next question that comes along is “Is our personal information safe and secure online?” Well, for sure there is no 100% guarantee that any of your information will be safe or won’t be misuse. The only way to secure your personal information is don’t upload or place your personal information online. Unfortunately it is quite impossible if you are hoping to use online services and smartphone. The only way that you can do is try to minimize your personal information being gathered by apps and smartphone.

So when my friends ask me if I’m excited about the new Google Cloud Search, I basically reply that I’m waiting to see those faces on people who rely too much on their smartphone for their work and life when they accidentally lost or broke their smartphone.



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