Is it necessary to fix previous low quality content blog posts?

If you are trying to increase traffic for your site or hoping to gain a higher site ranking in Google search result, it is probably a good idea to fix your previous low quality content blog posts. I know that it sounds difficult and troublesome especially if you have thousands of blog posts to screen through and fixing each of those low quality content blog posts. But as the rules are set by Google, you need to play by the rules in order to win the game. That means while trying to produce fresh new blog content, you need to maintain the quality of the previous blog posts content at the same time.

So what define as low quality blog content? Honestly, I think this is a very subjective question. How does Google judge or define the quality of blog content? We might not get the exact definition or answer from Google, but we have a clear picture of preventing our blog from categorize as low quality content. All we need to do is write better than most blogs or sites and we should be fine. The best way to do this is to find couple of blogs that rank slightly better than our blog and try to do a better job than they are in creating blog content. Consider them as competitors or rivals.

Although it is easier to delete those low quality content blog post, I prefer fixing them by updating the info and adding extra content. Remember that every effort that we put into creating blog post content has effect on traffic and Google search ranking. It’s kind of wasteful to just delete the blog post. A blog post can become low quality when the information provided is outdated or links become broken. A simple effort of updating the info and fixing the broken links can help increase the quality of the content. And if the blog post has only 200 words, adding couple hundred of words by further elaborating the information helps to increase the quality of the content too. Usually the longer the blog post, the better. So just keep on updating and adding content to previous blog post if you see fit.

Until Google makes changes on search algorithm again, I suppose fixing previous low quality content blog posts can help improve search ranking and bring in more traffic. And we should do it because it works.



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