Is Google really developing ad blocker for Chrome?

It is definitely feel strange when I heard that Google is trying to develop own ad blocker for Chrome. We know that Google makes money from online advertising and the last thing which Google wants is having users to block ads which make them money. So what actually triggers Google to have own ad blocker?

Currently there is a lot of ads blocker available online for free and in every platform. If you do not want advertising material to disturb or interfere while you are surfing or watching YouTube, installing one of the free ads blocker is the solution. Since there are so many free ads blocker available online, why is Google still consider to develop own ads blocker? The reason is simple. Using a third party ads blocker will definitely block all ads completely. This is not good for Google because it cuts off their revenue directly. Using Google’s ad blocker will not block ads completely. Google will definitely release a number of ads which will not annoyed users. Perhaps it might be 50% of the original number of ads. I suppose Google will collect data and base on users’ surfing respond to decide the number of ads suitable. Of cause Google will definitely block 100% ads which are from other company.

If you cannot prevent users from installing ads blocker, it is better to make your own ads blocker so that you can control it. This sounds way more reasonable than any reason given. And that is how I will do if I’m Google.

P/S: By the way, did you notice that you won’t get any ads from YouTube if you install an ads blocker?



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