Is Ad balance really able to increase your earning?

Honestly, I am a bit sceptic about the performance of Ad balance introduced by Google. The purpose of Ad balance is to reduce the number of ads shown in order to improve user experience. In other words, the goal is trying to reduce the number of ads shown so that readers won’t be feeling annoyed when checking out the site. This means before Google introduces Ad balance, publishers did realize the side effect of having ads on site and already been controlling the number of ads manually. Does this really make a difference between having Ad balance or not right now?

I do know one thing which Ad balance enables Google to do. Google gets to reduce the number of ads shown at publishers’ site. Now Google did not guarantee that publishers may still able to maintain nor increases their earnings. They only mention that publishers will see a minimal drop in earnings. Sadly the definition of minimal can be larger than expected. So why can’t Google just implement the concept of Ad balance automatically if they are planning to help publishers improve site performance and earnings?

The truth is Google does not want to be responsible if publishers suffer losses. When publishers are taking the time, effort and decisions to maximize earnings, Google continues to make money without loses. Remember that Google has billions of publishers to spare. Losing thousands of publishers doesn’t really hurt Google at all.

So if Google really wants to help publishers make money and increase earnings, Google should adapt their ads accordingly to the site. When it comes to online advertisement, no doubt Google is way superior and knowledgeable then any publishers in the world. Thus Google should be the one making decision related to AdSense and not publisher. Most publishers do not actually care how Google AdSense works. Publisher will continue be with Google AdSense as long as it helps to make money.



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