Introducing New Report From Google Adsense to Help Publisher increase Revenue

Check out the blog post title “New industry metrics to help publishers make the most from the web” from Google Inside Adsense Blog. A new report call “Display Business Trends: Publisher Edition” is introduced to help publishers increase earnings via Google Adsense. According to the blog post, the report will basically answer four types of questions.

The first question – Which ad sizes are rising in popularity?

I suppose any size of ad is fine with me as long as it performs. There are a lot of considerations when it comes to choosing the best ad size. As much as publishers like to choose the biggest ad size so that people will notice and click it, publishers have to make sure that the ad blends right into the blog or website. Publishers also have to make sure that the big ad size does not take up too much space from the content. Remember that Google latest search algorithm update requires site to show more content then ads on initial display in order to receive a better search ranking position.

The second question – Is the mobile web really a big deal?

Google think so and so am I. But whether or not publishers can make money via Google Adsense remains a big question. Mobile market is still a new area fills with lots of uncertainties. I suppose this is the reason why it holds lots of money making opportunities waiting for to be discovered.

The third question – Which sites are showing strong impression growth?

It is good to know which categories or areas hold the hot Niches. This way publisher can either choose less popular niches to avoid competition or pick the hottest niches and take up the challenge. But still it is better to choose topics which you are interested and passionate to work on. Only by this way your site can be unique and stand out differently from others.

The fourth question – Where in the world are you?

I think most publishers know that high paid clicks come from US. This is the reason why most publishers focus their site for US viewers.

Regardless of how much help Google provided, publishers still have to make their own judgment whether the information provided can truly help increase Google Adsense revenue. Please remind that many publishers are receiving the same information from Google just like you do. You need to stand out differently from others in order to really make money. Following instructions and guides provided by Google can still make money, but the earning might not as good as you expected.



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