Interesting Facts and Examples of Amazon Money Making Opportunities Online

According to the blog post title “Amazon Prime Made Me a Shopping Machine” from Yahoo Finance, online shoppers seem to spend more after subscribing to Amazon Prime which offers unlimited two days shipping for $79 a year. It will be interesting to find out how Amazon makes their customers spend more. If you are able to make use of the method on your money making opportunities online, it will definitely increase your sales. So what is the secret that makes customers spend more?

The secret is nothing more than making the overall online shopping experience as easy as possible. Customers just have to click couple of buttons and items purchased will arrived at the door within 48 hours. The payment process needs to be easy and fast too. In other words, the whole buying process needs to be completed before the desire of spending ends. Any obstacles such as filling up forms, long waiting or loading time, confusing layouts and unnecessary advertisements need to remove in order to prevent killing off the excitement and desire of buying. Sales convert if you are able to build a path which leads customers from shopping and paying without any distraction.

According to the blog post, Google and PayPal are working on new features and tools to penetrate smartphone users market. The goal is to develop a simple, fast and easy online shopping method using smartphone. Basically smartphones users can shop online directly by tapping on their smartphone.

The above theory applies even in offline business. Actually this method has been taught and used within many businesses long time ago. The business platform might be different but still the basic strategy applies and it works. Make use of this method and you should be able to sell almost anything, regardless of online or offline.



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