Interesting Fact and Trend of Money Making Opportunities Online

I have been pursuing for money making opportunities online for several years. Just take a look at the Money Making Opportunities List page in this blog and you will discover lots of ways to make money online. No doubt most of the website listed enables users to make money online. But if you study the websites and take a closer look from a different angle, you might discover some interesting trend and facts.

Some time ago I discussed about the marketing strategy of Freemium. Basically it is a business model that offers free services or product in an exchange for publicity and lots of users. Couple of good example website or company which uses this business strategy is Skype and Facebook. Both of them provide free services and have successfully generated lots of users.

Freemium business model works only if you have sufficient funds to maintain your business until you generate enough income to survive. So the question is how does a business or website generate enough income to survive and keeps on operate? Well, the number of users generate is the key to survival. Once the business or website has successfully generated massive amount of users, this can be a selling point to attract advertisers.

The problem with Freemium business model is that you have to hold on long enough until you start making money. Unfortunately not many businesses or websites is able to do this. Instead of just free, some website or business decided to share out part of their revenue to attract users. Thus the money making opportunities online website is created. One of the examples is MyLot. Users are getting paid for being active and participating in the network community. No doubt users can make money but the pay won’t be a lot. The intention is to promote and market the website in order to generate lots of users fast. The success rate of using revenue sharing system is high but it must be monitor carefully. Sometimes the website might grow too fast and things might out of control.

We will be seeing lots of website or blog having to provide money making opportunities for users, but most of them will just be giving out a little bit of money. Users won’t be getting a lot of money, but it sure is enough to keep lots of users happy.

P/S: When it comes to pursuit of money making opportunities online, only few can generate huge income. Most of the money making website won’t be paying a lot if you do the math.



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