Increase viewability of your Google AdSense ads

Yes, the term viewability is exactly what you think of. It is nothing special. Basically it means easy to look at or eyes catching. When Google says “increase the viewable impressions delivered by your site”, it means using a bigger size ads and place it above the fold of a web page. If your site is targeting mobile users, make sure to use mobile friendly ad formats. Check out the blog post title “Viewability is vital for publisher business growth.”

When we talk about viewability, it does not restrict to Google AdSense Ads only. Your site or blog has to be in good viewable impression too. If readers don’t even look at your site or blog when they stumble upon one of your page, you are in serious danger. So how do we increase viewability of our site or blog?

The first thing that you need to do is try to make your site or blog looks interesting. The first person that you need to convince is your own self. So work on your site or blog until you are satisfied with the result. There are no rules or specific ways to actually make your site or blog looks interesting. Bear in mind that your goal is to make people look or check out your blog or site. As long as you can achieve that purpose, that means your method works. There are a lot of ways that you can try to increase viewability. Your site or blog design probably the most important part to start with. The color, layout, sound, pictures, music, font size and page loading speed will affect viewability. Pay attention to details as those are the things usually tend to catch the eyes of audiences.

Viewability is like your face. Pay attention to your own face if you want people to look at you. Keep it clean, tidy and neat always. If you are able to treat your site or blog like your own face, it shouldn’t be a problem for viewability.



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