Improve Your Money Making Opportunities with 360 Degree Perspective

One of the best features or applications Google has for offline businesses is Google Places. Offline businesses able to apply for a FREE Place page which display address, contact number and blog link at Google Map. This feature receives lots of positive results especially from smartphone users. Customers able to locate the shop they wish to check out around their area easily. With the help of Google Business Photos, customers now have the chance to take a look inside the shop. It’s not just a simple one sided image but 360 degree imagery of the whole shop. Viewers will have a sense of walking into the shop personally by just watching the 360 degree imagery. One picture is worth a thousand words, not to mention this is 360 degree imagery.

No doubt this feature is great but unfortunately currently it’s only available in selected cities in US, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, UK, South Korea and France. Although you still able to apply for a photo shoot even if your business is not around the listed areas, it’s going to take some time until Google expand the program to your neighborhood. While waiting for your photo shoot, you may temporally upload your own photographs. Of cause it will be better to upload photos taken by Google trusted photographers as the pictures looks extraordinary. Just check out some of the 360 degree imagery examples from Google Business Photos and you’ll get what I mean. A glance of the 360 degree imagery will certainly increases the interest to drop by the shop for a good look.



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  1. Robert says:

    This is one easy way to get more customers with single listing. However I think most of the businesses already have websites and need to concentrate over SEO and internet marketing.