Improve Google Adsense Ads Targeting and Relevancy by Setting up a Crawler Login

When it comes to increase money making opportunities online via Google Adsense, there are lots of tuning and adjustment can be done. Among so many suggestion, guides and tips provided online, we can simply increase Google Adsesne earning by just improving Google Adsense Ads targeting and relevancy. One of the methods is to help Google Adsense crawler view all pages that have Google Adsense code. Previously Google Adsense introduces the method of editing robots.txt in the first post of Adsense Crawler Error series. As for this post, Google Adsense mention about setting up a crawler login. This is applicable for blogs or websites which requires members to login in order to view the content. Check out the blog post title “Set up a crawler login for increased ad relevancy on pages behind a login” from Google Inside Adsense Blog.

It seems like Google Adsense crawler too needs a login id and a password when it comes to certain sites with restriction. You may refer the above blog post on how to grant access to Google Adsense crawler. The setup is easy, but does it necessary? Remember this only applies to site which requires users to login to view the content. If the content can be view with or without login, then you don’t have to setup a login id for Google Adsense crawler.

I assume only publishers who are offering free register account for their site will be applying this setup. If publishers are charging members for certain amount of fee for account registration, this will not be necessary as publisher won’t be making money from Google Adsense. Am I right?



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