Important Information Concerning Your Google Adsense Account

Lately Google has been visiting cities through Adsense in Your City event trying to get close to publishers. Thus Google gain lots of feedback and understanding on some of the issue publishers concerned. One of the important issues is regarding the emails or notifications send by Google warning about the violation of Google Adsense program policies. In most cases, publishers will only start to search for information or solution when receiving emails from Google. It will be best to get all the answers ready because it’s money making opportunities we are talking about. We should at least know where to find the solution and information. Check out the blog post title “Key policy takeaways from Adsense in Your City” from Google Inside Adsense Blog as it shares some of the important information regarding the notification emails Google send. Below are some of the common issues publishers faced.

Received a notification asking you to make changes within three business days.

Ad-serving has been disabled to your site.

Received a notification stating your AdSense account may be disabled.

Your AdSense account has been disabled.

You’d like to report a policy violation.

If you’re a Google Adsense publisher, it will be best to go through the blog post carefully. This is the kind of information which will help to prevent your account getting ban. You don’t have to understand all the details but you need to know where to find the answer.



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