Ideas and Tips to Work on Freelancing Money Making Opportunities Online

After going through several periods of economic crisis, recessions and fuel price fluctuation, most of us are starting to wonder if we can just depend on one single source of income. As we witness a lot of so call stable and secure jobs disappeared overnight, we began to look for back up plans. Instead of tightening expenditure and focusing on money saving, it will be better to source for alternative source of income or money making opportunities. Freelancing job or part time work usually is the best alternative because it has the opportunities to evolve into a fulltime job or a self-employed business. Check out the blog post title “Mastering the New Freelance Economic” from Yahoo Finance as nine strategies are provided to help you get started with your freelancing job. The strategies explained are simple, direct and most important of all it works. If you are currently holding a full time job and a single source of income, perhaps it is time to consider having an alternative source of income for emergency. It will definitely help up a lot just in case something happen to your full time job.

Here are the nine strategies discussed in the blog post:

  1. Find your niche. You just have to find the topic that you are interested, experience and good at.
  2. Know what motivates you (and it’s usually not money). It’s the thing which kept you going on and on, especially in tough time.
  3. Embrace the side hustle. Hold on to your full time job while working on the part time freelancing work. Make it as a backup plan if the full time job suddenly disappears.
  4. Protect your day job. Check if your full time job allows you to do any part time or freelancing work.
  5. Take advantage of free technology. Make use of all the free technology to make money.
  6. Grow your loyal followers. Use blog to brand and market your freelance services.
  7. Stop planning and take action. I say we need to plan and take action.
  8. Stay optimistic. Success doesn’t come over night. You have to believe it will be a success in order to continue on.
  9. Enjoy the rewards of your labor. This is the reason for going through all the trouble of doing freelancing or part time job.

P/S: I think there is no such thing as a secure job. Your job is secure only when company has a need of your skill, experience, advice and talent. When company does not need you and you are not adding any value to the company, it is time for you to go. Or shall I say company will make ways for you to leave.



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