I will be nice if I can blog about anything

As much as I love to blog about everything in my mind, I have to consider if the content of the blog post suits the topic of my blog. I won’t be running out of topics if I’m able to blog freely. But if I’m planning to make money with my blog, I have to focus on the topic of my blog. I need to relate the content created to the topic of my blog. Although it might seem difficult, it is actually very simple as long as you are able to identify the link between the content created with the topic of your blog. You just have to make the connection even if it is a very long and rare connection. Sometimes it is just the way you look at things. As long as you are able to look at things from the perspective way of your blog, you should be able to write your content in a way which related to the topic of your blog. Of cause you have to be logic and can’t simply write anything out from nothing. Sometimes you don’t have to write everything out. Leave some part out so that readers can try to explore and find the answer themselves. It is all about making your blog fun and interesting to read.



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