I see iPhone 8 as an opportunity to make money

While people around the world are eager to get a hold on the new iPhone 8, I see this as an opportunity to make money. In fact you can probably start a business around anything which related to iPhone 8. If you are hoping to make some quick money, you can help others to buy the new iPhone 8 by standing on the line in front of the shop right before the launching date. People will be willing to pay some money to get a hold on the newly launch iPhone 8. Each time right before the launching of new iPhone series, you can see people lining up for days just to be the first person to own an iPhone 8. If you do not have the patient and energy to stand on the line, perhaps you can try to sell drinks and food to those who are lining up. They still have to eat and drink.

You can also try to start a blog or website with topics related to iPhone 8. There are many iPhone 8 owners who don’t know much about the phone. Most of them only know how to make a call and send messages. You probably can start a teaching course for iPhone 8 users. Some of them don’t even know who or what the hell is Siri. If you are not into blogging, perhaps you can start a YouTube channel and make video clips related to iPhone 8. Remember the famous video clip of bending iPhone? Perhaps you can come out with some other fancy ideas to test the reliability of iPhone 8.

If you like to design and create, perhaps you can try to produce and custom made casing for iPhone 8. If you are good in programming, you can try to create apps specifically for iPhone 8. The wallpaper, theme and ringtone for iPhone 8 can also customize designed according to customers’ demand. As long as you are able to fulfill the needs of iPhone users and make their iPhone 8 unique, you will be able to make some good money. Remember that anything related to iPhone 8 can be customized design. It is all depending on your creativity. Even the cable which is use for battery charging and connecting laptop can be redesign to look different.

As long as iPhone continues to expand their user base, you will still be able to make money around their related products. Perhaps you might want to pray if Apple is able to launch their iPhone series until version 20 or more. This should be enough to secure the money making opportunity for another 10 years, at least.



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