Huge Money Making Opportunities Surrounding Apple IPad

product money making opportunitiesApple IPad is going to be big this year 2010. In just less than 2 months time 2 million IPads already been sold and the numbers continue to increase. IPad is so popular that almost every apple major sales store has a line queue up a day before the product launches. Some people can’t wait to get their hands on the first IPad they even camp in front of the store. I think IPad madness will continue on for quite some time.

Since IPad is so popular and it’s the hottest product this year, anything that related or surrounding IPad will get a taste of its popularity. Right before the launched of IPad, many people or company already started to think of ways to make money using IPad. No doubt this is huge money making opportunities. The question is how you make use and get hold on the opportunities. I may not have a good idea on IPad money making opportunities, but at least I can share my views related to IPad and help brainstorming ideas.

In terms of software, I suppose the best way to make money from IPad is to design Apps. Currently there are lots of apps available for IPad, over 150,000 apps ready and waiting to download. Either it’s for work or for gaming, the apps that you design have to capture the hearts of users. In order to do that your apps needs to be innovative. It must be something new that makes full use of IPad features and hardware capability. Apps that designed by using Accelerometer and Ambient light sensor together with WIFI, Bluetooth and cellular technology will be an advantage. I think all the above can be very useful if you’re designing apps for gaming. A good example of making full use of sensor will be the game console Wii. You can get lots of ideas by checking out those games design for Wii. If you’re looking forward to design an app for working purpose, I suppose the word “Presentation” is your main theme. It’s a combination of image, video and slideshow. It will be best that the app can capture part of the project, graph, technical drawings from other programs like AUTOCAD and other large design application. Any apps that help in sales, meeting, problem solving, discussion and any other work related activities will be an advantage.

In terms of hardware, it’s all about designing accessories around IPad. I think you can found lots of stuff like IPad holder, IPad bag pack, IPad cleaner, IPad mini fan and many more in the market. Of cause you’ll find lots of products that are not from Apple but still it sells and there are people buying it. The concept is simple. It’s basically supplying for the needs in a lower price. If you’re able to design simple accessories for IPad that most users wanted or needed in a much lower price, then you’ve found the money making opportunities within.

When we are thinking about money making opportunities around IPad, the first thing that we have to study is the IPad users. If we are able to supply the needs of IPad users, we basically found the money making opportunities. So let’s talk about some of the characteristics that most IPad users might have. They might be Iphone users, computer or high tech users, average income, trendy, bloggers and mostly youngsters. It will be better to do a market research on what kind of IPad users that we’re dealing with as it will be easy to figure out their needs. You may even create a website or blog on IPad to collects more information. If not social network like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter can provide the same features too. The feedback and complains form IPad users can turn into money making opportunities. Know you customers and sold their needs. That’s how you create money making opportunities.

P/S: As for bloggers who purchase IPad, blogging about IPad thoroughly is good enough to create money making opportunities. Just like a blog that talks about Iphone. Or you can even create a website that allows users to access thousands of Ebooks, comic books and newspaper.



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2 Responses to “Huge Money Making Opportunities Surrounding Apple IPad”

  1. Lex says:

    Good one – this is actually the first article I have seen about making money using the iPad! I’d be inclined to agree that creating apps etc targeted towards other iPad users is probably going to be a strong niche, but not necessarily for beginners.
    I once had an iPhone site that did really well for me. The site gave away free ringtones that I had made myself – it was a genuine site with actual free giveaways and no funny business – and people went crazy for it, I got tons of links and traffic and it was easy to monetize the site with ads. I eventually sold the site to a ringtone company – they contacted me out of the blue and offered me money for the site! 🙂
    So a good tip might be to create something iPad related that a lot of people will be hunting for, optimize the page for the phrase “free ipad xxxx” and give it away free. Sounds crazy, but all I can say is it worked for me with the iPhone.

  2. Kumo says:

    Thanks for the tip. I actually did hear about a similar story. I suppose you’re not the only one that have the same experience. 🙂