How to spend the last 10 minutes of your work day?

If only we are not too busy with our work, perhaps we might have the time to think about this question. Especially if couple of hours over time work is necessary every day, some of us are basically trying to finish the daily work as soon as possible. This is a good thing because this shows business is good and there is a lot of work to be done. If you have the time to think about how to spend the last 10 minutes of your work every day, you should be worry. Perhaps the best way to spend the time is to find another job. A job that is not in a busy situation tells us that work is less. Usually this happens when there is not much business and the progress is slow. If the company is not in a stable financial situation, you might be looking at a voluntary separation scheme any time soon. Who do they pick to release first? Obviously those who are not busy will be the first to go. Check out the infographic below on how to spend the last 10 minutes of your work day. If you are efficient and very good in your work, perhaps you might find the time to end the work of a day properly. I suppose this is the healthy way to work. Unfortunately not everybody have the luxury to do so. Some people are fortunate just to have a job.



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