How to prioritize your inbox to save time and energy?

One of the things we do when we go to work in the morning is checking emails. It usually gives us brief information of the things we need to complete on that day. It also informs us the things which occur when we are off yesterday. Especially if you are working in a company which involves businesses globally, you tend to get a lot of emails overnight. Thus checking emails have becoming a very important task for most jobs. If you are spending too much time on emails, you might not have enough time to focus on your main job. Check out the infographic below on how to prioritize your inbox. When you are spending more than an hour reading emails every day, perhaps it is time to learn some new tricks and strategies to manage your emails. You don’t want to end up checking emails when you are back at home too. But first you need to stop sending unnecessary or unimportant emails around and try to reduce the chain of email spamming. We end up having so many emails every day because we take advantage of technology. So stop spamming emails now.



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