How to master meetings?

I hate meetings. This is probably because most of my meetings always last more than 20 minutes. That is why I always excuse myself before the meetings ended. Sometimes I have to sneak out from the meetings when there is an emergency issue which requires my attention. Although I very much wanted to improve the style and quality of meetings, I’m not in the position to do so unless I’m the boss. Only those who dare to speak up and without interfering bosses activities and speeches will survive. It can be difficult to chair a meeting if your boss is around. Check out the infographic below on how to master meetings. Especially if you are required to chair at least one meeting every day, you need to make sure that messages are correctly delivered within the shortest time. You do not want to drag too much time because it will affect the overall productivity. Make use of the latest technology so that people don’t have to be in the meeting room unless it is necessary. You don’t want to waste time traveling around just to attend meetings.



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