How to market your mobile app internationally?

Language probably is the main obstacle when you are trying to market your app internationally. But if your app is built on English language, it should have a better chance of penetrating certain countries. Usually some users in the country who understand English will be the first person who tries out your mobile app. If they like the app, you probably will get requests hoping to get a new version of your app with their local language. Since there are so many countries in the world, it will be best to work on those countries who are interested in your mobile app. Check out the infographic below on how to market your mobile app internationally. If your app is interesting, useful and simple to use, it might not need any translation at all. It is very much depends on the nature of your mobile app. Some mobile apps use signs, logos and graphic instead of using any language for explanation. Usually you will put in a lot of consideration when you are designing your mobile app if you are planning to market it internationally. It will be a bit difficult trying to market a mobile app which is initially intended for the locals. Cultural differences will be another problem which you need to solve.



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