How to make your blog post better and attractive

If you are hoping to drive traffic from Google search engine, all you need to do is pact few thousand of words into a blog post and include lots of difficult words, data and statistic figures. Search engine is blind and don’t have a soul to feel what you are trying to say. They only recognize and reacted to keywords, numbers and phrases.

If you pack you blog with lots of words, numbers and statistics, it is going to look like Wikipedia or research papers from University. As soon as people look at it, they turn away unless they are desperately looking for answers. So if you are hoping to make people feel comfortable and enjoy reading your blog, you will have to decorate your blog. The feeling is almost the same when you are required to put on some makeup before going out on TV. You need to present something good to watch or look at.

So what can you use to decorate your blog in order to make it looks better and attractive? Basically you can put up photos, pictures and even drawings. It doesn’t’ has to be related with the topic of the blog post. As long as it is interesting and nice to look at, it is consider good enough. The key is eye catching. If you find interesting videos on YouTube, put it into your blog. You can even try relating it to your blog by saying “What if…” or “Imagine…” You can even try telling a story too. Podcast also is an interesting item to include into your blog. A lot of people are using their smartphone to listen while traveling or on their way to work. You may try to collect topics which is relate to your blog and create a page for the sake of your readers.

Just put yourself in the position of your readers and try to think what they want to see, read and listen from your blog. Supply their needs and your blog will become interesting and attractive. This is how successful bloggers generate revisit readers and thousands of traffic.



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