How to find your audience in all the moments that matter?

Basically the title of this blog post can also define as how to reach the right audiences at the right time in order to provide the right services and products. When customers want to but a product, need a service or looking for particular information, you need to be there in order to make money successfully. Check out the blog post title “From Micro to Macro: How to find your audience in all the moments that matter” from Google Inside AdSense. The blog post presents a brief idea on how to determine the moment and the tools to search and study the moment.

Affinity Moments, when fans act in unison in support of their favorite team or musician.

Buddy Moments, when friends connect and bond everything they see, hear or read – whether that’s a live concert or a funny cat video on YouTube.

Deep Knowledge Moments, when someone wants to learn deeply about a topic (maybe political issue or financial news) so they can share that knowledge later.

My blog is mostly focus on deep knowledge moments. Well, the knowledge presented isn’t deep but more on introduction or beginning stage. I realize that there are a lot of websites and blogs that you can Google easily with lots of deep information and knowledge. Thus I’ll just go for the brief introduction. If you are trying to find those special moments to blog about, here are some tools introduce be the blog post above.

  • Google Trends
  • YouTube Trends
  • Google Consumer Surveys
  • Marketer’s Almanac

If you have no interest about the moments, try not to blog about it as your feelings will translate directly from your writing. It is better to choose moments that you are interested to write about.



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