How to Define Success in Pursuit of Money Making Opportunities Online

When we talk about success, how do we decide or determine if we achieved success? Especially when you are pursuing money making opportunities online, how do you determine if you have achieved success?

Basically your achievement determines your success. Achievement is defined as the things that you done. Here’s an example of how you determine if you have achieved success.

Set a goal to make at least one thousand dollars per month online within one year. You can declare success once you are able to make one thousand dollars per month online after a year. This is the basic general prospect. Next you have to make a list of action or steps required in order to make money online. In other words you have to break down your goal into several smaller goals. For example:

Create a blog. Start blogging each day. Comment on other blogs. Create a Facebook page. Create a Twitter account. Create a MySpace account. Create a Linkedin account.

Work on search engine optimization or SEO to get 10000 unique visitors per month.

Sign up for a Google Adsense account. Placing Google adsense ads code into blog or webstie. Try to maximize profit by placing on the best position. Earn $300 per month.

Sell affiliate products. Write article to promote the affiliate products. Create landing pages for each specific affiliate product. Market affiliate products at Classifieds ads website. Earn $300 per month.

Write and sell articles as a freelancer. Promote article writing services at freelance website. Earn $400 per month.

Total earning per month equals $1000.

The above is just an example of how you can break down your goal into several smaller goals. Try to go into details and be as specific as possible. The above example still has lots of rooms for further break down, but I’ll let you work on it. Remember to schedule all your tasks and state when to start and when to complete. Keep track on the results and make changes or tuning in order to achieve the goal as schedule. Once you have reach your goal as schedule, then you can declare it a success.

P/S: For me, success is just a process which we continuously obtain in order to improve our life.



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