How to become a Linkedin power user?

Honestly, I think you don’t have to become a Linkedin power user. You just need to be a regular user to take advantage of the professional social network. As long as you update your information and status on Linkedin often, employers will be able to browse through your resume regularly. I suppose that is the main purpose of having a Linkedin account. Although you might not be searching for a job, you can certainly keep your option wide just in case better opportunities present themselves. Your current boss might know if you have a Linkedin account or not. This is a good thing because you can understand better your status in the company depending on the reaction of your boss towards having an updated Linkedin account. Remember that any information which you uploaded can be seen by a lot of people. There is also the possibility of others trying to take advantage of the information uploaded. If the job offer is too good to be true, it is better to check and confirm the information about the company and employer. Especially when it involves oversea company which requires you to travel, take extra precaution and check thoroughly before accepting any deal. Usually the company will cover all the expenses and arrangement in order to persuade or invite you to their company. If they really want to have you in their company, they will not give up easily. So just take your time and see if it is scam or a real deal.



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