How much money should you be making?

Honestly I think there are no standard or particular rules to justify the amount of money you should be making. If you are just a fresh graduate who are looking for your first job or a new entrepreneur starting out a new business, you shouldn’t be aiming for the money but instead the opportunities to work and learn. It is normal to make less than you should be in the first year of attempt. That is the time to learn, adjust and decide the field or areas that you should be focusing. Once you are ready, you can start asking for the money you should be making, or maybe higher than the money you should be making. Remember that you can always ask for a higher pay and later negotiate for a lesser amount. The worst you’ll get is just the word “Sorry”. So why not aiming for higher pay? Check out the infographic below for marketing salaries across US. This is just a reference or a guide. The salary changes accordingly.

how much money should you be making



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